interpretations of our universe through original paintings and sculpture.

                 Fine art original paintings and sculpture that engage you positively and applaud the beauty in our universe

Through combined media, oil and acrylic paintings, the beauty of our natural world is translated into scenes that focus on rich, resonant color with surprising texture. These representational and abstract oil, acrylic and combined media paintings are interpretations and transformations of the earth at our feet and the universe above.  Take a look at the astronomical paintings based on the spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope and astrophotography!

The most recent series of representational paintings is the beautiful desert in oil and acrylic. Visit the gallery ofabstract and representational fine art available for sale, gallery exhibition, events or display in your place of business.  

Each sculpture is made with fiber clay, paper, wood and metal to create animals. Check out the sculpture page in the gallery for a closer look at these original creations.

Interested in one of my fine art paintings or sculptures? Detailed photographs, pricing and delivery are just an email  away.

EXPLORATION through art

Paintings and sculpture by patty heibel